What kind of support are you getting on your weightloss journey? Want your weight in gold?

Your weight in gold.

Dweight loss incentiveubai is rewarding weight loss with gold. That’s right, pure gold bricks for the obese if they can reign in their food consumption and crank up their physical activity in Dubai. For the 30-day challenge dubbed “your weight in gold”, participants can earn roughly $20/pound they lose – a gram of gold for every kilo of weight lost. Apparently the desert heat is conducive to a sedentary lifestyle and those hanging out in air-conditioned establishments aren’t using the opportunity to sweat in cooler temperatures. The government sees one obese child for every three children as problematic. The statistics are outrageous – so rich and so fat. We’re no better off, America.

Secret to keeping the weight off?

What’s your incentive? Are you motivated by external factors or does your initiative come from within? Do you think external weight loss incentives like cash prizes and gold bricks work? For short term weight loss or long term? What about lower health care costs? Or the promise of a healthy, happy retirement? Better sex? Increased mobility, flexibility and range of motion?

Where do you seek support? Where do you go? To whom do you talk to? Do you want or seek the support of your family? Your church? Friends? Your buddies at the local gym? Your city? state? country?

Stay tuned for insight into how other countries across the globe are downsizing the waistlines of their citizens. What penalties are being imposed, what health care benefits are gained as the result of an annual physical?

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One comment on “What kind of support are you getting on your weightloss journey? Want your weight in gold?
  1. Jillian Waterfall says:

    If i do reach a goal i have set , i personally treat myself to something i have really wanted like a new phone or clothes it just works well for me its a win , win situation really and keeps me motivated x

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