A Day Without a Heart Attack: Signs and Symptoms of a Healthy Heart

heart healthy symptomsWill you go the day without a heart attack? The following list of signs and symptoms will let you know whether or not your ticker is acting top-notch. Check yourself! The more statements you can respond to with a resounding “that’s true!” the higher the likelihood you’ll go the day without a heart attack. What does your day look like?

Risk of a heart attack is no joke –learn how exercise can help prevent heart disease. Are you concerned about the effect your weight is having on your heart’s ability to function?  Check out an old Freaky Friday edition blog post about obesity and your heart.


  1. You feel carefree – zero anxiety, no tugging feelings in the heart or brain.
  2. You can enjoy the sensation of taking a big, lung-filling breath of air followed by a deep exhale because today you aren’t plagued by shortness of breath. Your chest cavity – home of your heart and lungs – feels open and strong.
  3. You feel clear-headed and are lucid in conversation, conscious during the waking hours, asleep only when you want to be.
  4. You’re not tired, no siree. Not weak either. Not today, not last week or the week before. Energy levels are ship-shape. Strength and endurance are where they ought to be.
  5. Food is delicious and you feel like eating it today. Your body isn’t preparing for anything nutso as evidenced by your healthy appetite. Sick bodies can’t afford to put energy toward digestion – hence loss of appetite and nausea.
  6. Your arms feel fit as a fiddle. Or they at least feel how they ought to feel and generally do ;). Men, if your left arm isn’t experiencing pain or discomfort, today’s a good day. Women with two fantastic feeling arms and shoulder blades that aren’t at all sore betwixt them are set up for a heart healthy day, too. No strange pain in the chest or anywhere in the body.
  7. Your pule is regular. Your heartbeat beats like clock work.
  8. The scale responded nicely when you stepped on it this morning – no surprising weight gain thank goodness! Not this morning, not yesterday either. Not a scale-stepper? Well there’s no swelling in your feet, ankles or legs on good days where the heart is behaving normally.
  9. Extreme bouts of dripping sweat will only happen at the gym today. No excessive sweating when you least expect it.
  10. The wind is very much in your sails today.
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