Kickstand Fitness Tip of the Day: Partner Balance Drills are More Fun than Solo Balance Drills

Partner balance drills american gladiator duelare more fun than solo balance drills and I’ve got an at home exercises you can try with a friend to improve your balance and work your core. It’s tough to work on balance with a partner without getting the giggles so if you’re having more fun than when you typically exercise, rest assured you are doing it right. Just remember to work both sides!

Stand within arms-length distance from your balance partner. Come on to one foot and balance. Let the battle commence! The first person to touch their foot down to the ground loses! Define battle rules prior to engagement – decide what’s fair game. The more contact allowed – tapping, pushing, kicking, jousting even – the crazier it gets! Make it an urban challenge by moving around a city on one foot for as long as you can. Make it hurt! Producing results is uncomfortable 😉

Step outside your comfort zone and challenge someone to a balance battle! Improving balance reduces risk of injury.

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