Number One Way to Release Toxins from Your Body

toxic musclesThe body takes in toxins every day. From the lotions we absorb, to the medicines we consume and the make up we apply – even products we use to defend our body from harmful chemicals and reactions (like sunscreen and bug repellent) – toxins inevitably find their way into our bloodstream.


The best way to eliminate toxins naturally is to drink plenty of water and consume plenty of fiber. By increasing pure water intake you boost urinary output (i.e. you pee a lot). By eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains rich in fiber you ensure regular bowel movements. As simple as it sounds, making sure your digestive tract is working in optimal condition is the very best thing you can do to eliminate toxins from your body most naturally and effectively. Want to kick it up a notch? Hit the steam room or sauna for a detoxifying sweat session! Sweating is a natural response by the human body to its external and internal environment. Manage toxicity levels best by keeping your body and all its working organs healthy.


Jump on a daily antioxidant regimen to help maintain your body’s natural defenses. Protect your immune system with daily doses of vitamins A, C, D, E, and selenium.

  • Vitamin A is good for your skin, eyes and immune system.
  • Vitamin C is a pretty diverse vitamin – even helps with wrinkles! – but know that it protects your immune system big time and it can’t be produced by the human body. Most supplements don’t have an adequate amount of it either so get it in your diet!
  • Vitamin D is an immunity booster I often refer to as the sunshine vitamin. Everyone talks about vitamin D’s role in calcium absorption but it’s the happiness nutrient. Too little vitamin D and you may find yourself feeling a little down in the dumps or under the weather.
  • Vitamin E may help reduce the effects of environmental pollutant, fighting free radicals and slowing the aging of cells and tissues.
  • Selenium helps the body detox from the effects of environmental pollutants by producing enzymes to do the dirty work.

There are 20 vitamins and minerals that are essential to your health and being. I’ve just told you about five of them. Read the full list of essential vitamins and minerals here.


Nutrition Tip: Be mindful about what you put onto and into your body. Sometimes the “food” we eat is less food than we think. If there’s zero nutritional value (alcohol, trans fats, hydrogenated oils) then its toxic. Make your diet more nutritious by following my super simple dietary guidelines for dummies. And here’s some food for thought: if a byproduct of the food you are preparing at home in your own kitchen is fat you wouldn’t put down your own kitchen sink, why on earth would you subject your body to such a difficult clean up?  Think about it..

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