Getting Fit Fast: Best Kept Secret on How to Look Good in a Few Short Weeks

You’re out of time for a total body overhaul but there IS still time

look fit fastLet me guess. There’s a major event coming up. Maybe you’re slated to be a maid of honor or a guest speaker. There will be people there you haven’t seen in ages. Pictures will be taken that will last for ages. You want to look good and you want to look good fast. Whether you need to look good in a month or you need to look good in two weeks – frame your perspective in a way that is constructive. You’re out of time for a total body overhaul, right? You waited too long, perhaps, but here’s a strategy you can get excited about. It’s not quite smoke and mirrors…


Focus on the only part of  you anyone is really going to see! Choose an outfit that accentuates your neck and shoulders, then get to work firming up the muscles in the vicinity. The wonderful thing about the chest, neck and shoulders is these areas of the body don’t carry a ton of fat. We all carry our weight differently but most of us have to acquire a substantial amount of excess of fat in order to see it pile atop the shoulders. The neck, chest and shoulder muscles will respond well to increased activity. Strengthen and tone your deltoids with side and front shoulder raises, overhead shoulder presses, and arm circles. Get pushups in every other day and practice shoulder shrugs regularly. Work the neck muscles with some good old fashioned abdominal exercises, too. Any high intensity cardio you can get in before your deadline will work wonders for your circulation system, making your skin appear healthy and bright. For those of you close to hitting your goal weight, know that any last minute weight-loss progress you can make will be really noticeable in the face so push hard in these final weeks! 

Trainer Tip: Hold up, I’m not a proponent of spot training. If there’s an area of  your body you want to slim down, get tone, get tight, you have to get in there with cardio to pull the fat off. Building muscle and losing fat are two different beasts – don’t you forget it.


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