Did you Know? Benefits of Doing Standing Ab Exercises

Working your abs while standing up has the following benefits.standing ab exercises

1.) You’re a lot less likely to strain your neck doing abdominal exercises standing up than you are laying down. The human head weighs 8 lbs. A gallon of milk weighs 8 lbs! If the muscles aren’t conditioned, the neck is quick to tire supporting a gallon of brains.

2.) Standup ab exercises are more comfortable (not easier!) than what a lot of people tend to think of as traditional, on your back ab exercises. Clients with a history of low back pain tell me stand up ab work is much easier on the low back than getting in and out of supine position on the floor. And since straining the low back is a core concern among my clients 😉 we do standing abs a lot in my bootcamps and group fitness classes.  

3.) You can keep standing abs low impact to improve balance and stability or make the movement quick (still fluid and strong) for high intensity fat burn. Either way, when working your core while standing up you’re on your feet burning calories.

4.) If you’re spine hurts doing ab strengthening exercises, even with a mat, eliminate spinal discomfort with standing ab exercises. So you have a bony spine! Working out shouldn’t be torturous and everything is modifiable. The dreaded bicycle ab exercise, for example, can be rotated 90 degrees so that you’re doing bicycles on your feet. Can you picture it? One of the two exercises below will show you.

5.) Standing core exercises are better than floor exercises because you can do them anywhere. And learning how to strengthen the core without laying down is easy! Check out Frankensteins and Steam Engines for two popular standing ab exercises and see which exercise you prefer. Which exercise is harder? Can you recognize the common joint pattern, i.e. the motion that’s working your abs?

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