Superbowl Supermodel Shares Secret Snack

If you tuned into the Superbowl last Sunday, chances are you saw the Calvin Klein Concept commercial. It was hard to miss. The abs in underpants is a real man! Matthew Terry, his underoos and a slick of hair gel snagged the attention of over 100 million viewers’ attention. Hailing from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania he’s not foreign like I assumed he’d be, what with that sleek haircut, stone cold facial features and chiseled physique. Did you? Abs in Underpants

Did you think he was foreign? Me too! Listen up America, we rank #1 in obesity. Over 30% of Americans are obese. Obesity rates are a lot lower in Germany (about 17%) and Austria (9%). That’s nuts.

No One’s Willing to Hear it but Oreos are This Man’s Secret to Success

Matthew Terry was on Good Morning America and appeared in more than just his Calvin Klein briefs, much to the dismay of the morning show hosts and everyone tuning in. calvin klein concept manFully clothed he’s your average looking, fit 21-year-old… until he lifts his shirt. Damn, Matt! You take good care of yourself. How’s he do it? A clean diet and daily trips to the gym. Wait, what about the oreos? He loves them! And he still enjoys them because what’s life without its simple pleasures? It’s the simple pleasures that give us reason to work hard at the gym, isn’t it? It’s not our health, obviously, or two-thirds of this country wouldn’t be overweight. Work hard at the gym so you can enjoy the foods you love. It’s not everyone’s perspective, but it’s one perspective and it might just work for you.

Exercise Tip from a Chiseled Man?

Plank. Hold plank until it burns.

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