Get Motivated: Start Where You Are

trex pushupsWe hate what we’re not good at.
If you hate pushups, chances are it’s because they’re stinkin hard. You’re not good at them. You wish you could do one. They hurt your wrists. If you want change, do something. And have a little perspective! At at least
you can practice pushups, get better at pushups, one day pushup with ease! Pushups for a T-Rex will always be challenging. Pushups don’t have to be so impossibly challenging for you but you’re making them so.

Start at the level you’re at.
If you can’t do a pushup, why on earth would you struggle to do them from your toes, get frustrated and discouraged, feel your temper flair and quit? Is this you? Why torture yourself?! Modified pushups get a bad rep and it’s ridiculous. If the idea of doing pushups from your knees offends you – because you think there’s a social stigma attached or you’re a super feminist and see red when you hear the term “girl pushups” – don’t do pushups from your knees! But do straight leg incline pushups somewhere, somehow (against a staircase, against a railing) for a count of 10-15, unable to do more if you wanted to. Do three sets to failure, giving yourself a break between. When you hit three sets of 15, lower your incline. Be good to yourself by helping yourself to achieve goals. Only you can control your mental energy so turn it into a well of optimism, putting your ego aside if you need to ;).

Don’t Psych Yourself Out.
Creating more barriers and obstacles to your goals and success than you need to just makes achieving your goals harder, if you ever achieve them. Don’t let mental stress and anxiety be so debilitating that you’re paralyzed into inaction. Or binge eating. Or hours of zone out time from reality, playing angry birds or watching television. Stay present, stay focused and stay positive. Fake it at first if you have to. (Sarcastically so, even! It’s good for a laugh, trust me). Envision yourself doing pushups, be reasonable and methodical about your goal to getting better at them, and be diligent about putting the work in. Now apply this pushup analogy to a goal you’ve been making harder than it has to be and celebrate your decision to come at it with renewed vigor!

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